What is GettinG ROBOTIKA?

Getting ROBOTIKA is a specialized engineering company in the design and manufacture of robotized deburring cells for forged and cast parts.


What solutions does GettinG ROBOTIKA offer?

GettinG ROBOTIKA has the kume robotized cell, which provides perfect deburring in forged and cast parts.

With kume  you will be a ground-breaker and can optimize your production line. You will improve both your company’s profitability and the quality of the product you offer.


Are there organizations that have already put their trust in GettinG ROBOTIKA?

Yes, kume cells are already being tested in a number of forged and cast projects.


¿What are the lead and delivery times with kume?

Normally, it takes around 10 months to deliver the cell from the moment the customer orders it. At the start of each project we dedicate time to work with the customer to design the cell based on particular needs. The rest of the time is used to manufacture the robot and test it in our facility prior to final delivery.


What type of parts can I debur with kum?

Kume offers deburring solutions for all kinds of parts: large tonnage, medium-weight (2 Tn-20 Tn) and small-sized parts. There is a different kume model for each of these types of product. In GettinG ROBOTIKA we have three. The great difference about kume is that can debur both straight and curved parts to the highest precision and efficiency. Parts that are traditionally deburred by hand can now be done automatically, thanks to the incorporation of KUME technology.


What will my company gain if I install kume in my production line?

Among many other advantages, you will increase the productivity of your deburring process by up to 30%, eliminate manual tasks and reduce errors and the number of rejects. You will also improve the finish quality and the standardization of your products.

The deburring area becomes cleaner, quieter and more efficient, making it easier to comply with Quality, Safety and Environmental policies and standards.


How long will it take to get a return on the investment in kume?

This depends on the volume of production of each company, but you will have recovered your investment in 4-5 years and, from then on, enter a phase of maximum profitability.


Do I need specialist personnel in the company to operate kume?

It is easy to operate kume. GettinG ROBOTIKA will install the program software and provide a training course in the correct use of the system, together with some tips on maintenance to ensure the optimal operation of the system.


How much space will kume occupy in my premises?

During the design phase of the cell we design a layout with all the details of the installation and necessary services. If there is a space limitation on the customer’s premises, different machine configurations can be studied to adapt to the surface area available.